100% Organic Lawncare

Thank you for your interest in safe lawn care. With an increase in awareness and education, regarding the dangers of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, more and more homeowners are turning to safe lawn care as a healthy choice for their family, pets, and the environment. Every year thousands of tons of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are applied to properties for cosmetic reasons. Measurable amounts are finding their way into our streams, rivers and lakes. Use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides damage your soil. With each application your lawn becomes more and more susceptible to future problems, requiring further chemical applications to treat them. This cycle of chemical dependence becomes difficult to break.

Brite Nights offers a complete range of property maintenance from Spring to Fall.The season starts off on most of our properties with a Spring clean-up, during which we remove any leaves or debris from the property, clean out all garden beds and power sweep and vacuum all turf areas. Power sweeping the turf lifts matted grass far better than raking as well as lightly dethatching the turf at the same time. The lawn area is then vacuumed using bagging tractors or lawn mowers.

We provide only 100% organic lawn care products and services. Our products contain NO animal by-products, manures, sewage or synthetics. Our safe lawn care system relies on proven horticulture practices combined with high quality Certified grass seed, plant based organic fertilizers, plant based compost topdressing, and other plant and mineral amendments in order to achieve a lawn that is not only beautiful, but is also safe for your family and pets.

Caring for your property the natural way is easy. Through the use of high quality 100% organic fertilizers, we can re-establish, and feed the beneficial microorganisms, such as grub killing nematodes, which should be present in healthy soil. Healthy soil provides powerful checks and balances that make the natural lawn more resistant to weeds, insects, and drought conditions. Safe lawn care is the only truly long-term, sustainable lawn care available. Our proven system of proper horticultural practices including, aeration, seeding, and high quality organic nutrients and amendments are designed to reset your lawns’ natural balance and maintain a healthy lawn while eliminating or greatly reducing pesticide applications.

Did you Know?

The majority of organic lawn care companies use fertilizers that contain processed human sewage, animal by-products, manures, and/or up to 85% synthetic fertilizer? These products may fall into the classification of ‘organic’, or ‘organic based’, however, we do not feel they are acceptable for use in any of our programs.

At Natural Choice, we only use the highest quality organic products. Our fertilizers are quite simply the cleanest, highest quality natural fertilizers available. All our products are plant derived from only the highest quality natural sources. So which organic package is right for you? The question should be, “How much do you want to do for your lawn this season?”

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