The Spring Tune UpStarting at $167.00 for yards up to 3000 square feet.

This package is the least you can do for your lawn and includes Spring core aeration, a Spring application of our premium natural fertilizer and a Spring nematode application to keep grub populations down.

A Totally Organic ExperienceStarting at $425.00 for yards up to 3000 square feet.

This is our recommended package:

  • Inspection: We will assess your lot and determine the best approach for your lawn.
  • Early Spring application of our Premium Natural Fertilizer: This application will provide the proper ingredients for a quick green up and slow release nutrients for long lasting feeding.
  • Core aeration: This is vital for compacted areas. It allows water and nutrients to actually penetrate the turf, not just run off (not to mention nematodes). This important service is best performed in the Spring and is included in this package.
  • Beneficial nematodes: Late May is the time to apply beneficial nematodes to keep white grub populations in check. We apply our fresh nematodes with more than 15 gallons of water per 3000 square feet. Proper application with as much water as possible is key to success with this natural predator. This package includes two applications of beneficial nematodes, the 2nd is applied in late August or early September.
  • Late Spring application of our Premium Natural Fertilizer: All our fertilizers and ammendments contain no animal by-products, no manures, no sewage, and no synthetics. Only the highest quality natural ingredients from a combination of plant and mineral sources.
  • Summer application of our Premium Natural Fertilizer: Each application of our premium fertilizer composts down to enrich the soil and stimulate microbial activity. Healthy grass comes from healthy soil.
  • Fall Application of Natural Fertilizer: September is the time for a 4th and final application of our premium natural fertilizer to further build fertility in the soil and prepare the grass for the winter.
  • Over-Seeding: We also apply a layer of seed over your lawn to fill in any bare spots before weeds take over.

Spring clean up * available from $135.00

Start the season off right with a Spring clean-up! Our Spring clean ups consist of blowing out leaves and debris from garden beds and power sweeping and vacuuming all turf areas. Power sweeping the turf lifts matted grass far better than raking can, as well as lightly dethatching the turf at the same time. Turf areas are then vacuumed clean using bagging tractors or lawn mowers for a professional finish. Hard surfaces are blown clean, and all debris is removed and disposed of.

Fall Clean up * available from $135.00

Brite Nights is fully equipped for your Fall clean-up. We can collect, mulch and remove all leaves and debris from your property professionally and efficiently leaving your property looking clean and ready for winter.

Weekly lawn maintenance * available from $130.00/month.

Weekly cutting starts the 2nd week of May and continues through to the 2nd last week of October. Each week during the growing season we visit the property and professionally cut and trim all turf areas as required. Patios, walkways and the driveway are blown clean of dust, and debris.

12 Month Maintenance Contracts * available from $90/month. Add Spring & Fall Cleanup for only $112.50/month!

12 Month Maintenance Contracts are an excellent way to arrange for your year round maintenance needs. A 12 Month Maintenance Contract can be started in the Spring or Fall, and can be tailored to include exactly what you require. A basic 12 Month Maintenance Contract for season lawn maintenance, and winter snow plowing can be arranged for as little as $90.00/month.