Ok, here’s your situation: You’ve been using chemicals on your lawn for many years. They in turn have depleted the soil, killed off all the good bugs that keep the bad ones in check, and made the turf dependent on continued applications of synthetic chemicals in order to have your lawn maintain a healthy appearance free from weeds and harmful insects.

As we become more and more aware of the ever increasing amount of chemicals that we come into contact with on a daily basis and we try to minimize the unnecessary risks, we realize that exposing our families, friends and pets as well as wildlife, worms, and birds to lawn care chemicals for the sake of a green lawn is not an option. We had beautiful lawns and gardens before we had chemicals and we can have beautiful lawns and gardens without them!

When the decision is made to break the chemical habit, the lawn will go thru a period of withdrawl that will last for 1 to 2 years. So during this time you have 2 options that are open to you:

You can do nothing,


You can build fertility in the soil using the highest quality natural ingredients available. You can practice proper lawn care techniques like annually aerating the turf as well as overseeding bare areas in Spring and Fall to fill them in before weeds do. You can follow proper watering practices, (probably the single most overlooked aspect of lawn care) proper watering will build strong healthy grass plants, and create an environment that is not hospitable for neither chinch bugs or white grubs and therefore reduce the tendency of these harmful insects from setting up camp at your house. Weeds are easily removed using the WEED HOUND. Beneficial nematode applications work twice as well as traditional chemical poisons, they are both easy to apply and completely harmless to anything but insects in the ground in a larval state such as the white grub and sod-webworm.

Following these simple tips will lessen the withdrawal effects while sweetening the soil and getting the grass used to taking the nutrients via the root system again. After your lawn is off chemicals it will come back greener than before requiring less fertilizer and providing you with a healthy natural eco-system where you don’t have to be afraid of your lawn…come play on our lawn, it’s pesticide free!